oh my gosh, i’m going through my tegakiE again and i just

miss so many people

or, a few in particular, but 

i was looking through their old works and some old RPs and some abandoned accounts and

ugh i miss them 

finally finished the hunger games series

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dang i completely forgot i about formspring

Omg I’m just looking for a zubat in the GTS and everyone is asking for legendaries and I’ve seen one want for a Hoopla and I just, know I should not surprised wow

at least no one in pokemon can remind me of how terrible i am at playing games aha ha ha hahaa ha hha.ha…

hah. ha ha…………………………………. ( ̄▽ ̄)/

so, hopefully i can get myself back on track with school and my future and stuff now that i have a better idea of where i stand.